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Flooring Contractors Leads

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Quality Leads


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So, what happens next?

As soon we get a lead, we’ll verify it first and than send you the job description with additional details of extras required e.g, Gap Filing, Staining, Replacement Boards.

We’ll also aim to send you some pictures.

If you’re interested, you can than purchase the lead for a small fee in which case we’ll provide you the customer name, address, email and phone number.

As a sign of good faith, the first lead will be FREE of charge to give you confidence that we provide genuine leads.

After that, if you’re interested in any of the future leads we send you than there will be a small fee of £25/lead.

If you would like one of us to call you before you decide to give it a go then please give us a call on 07974921743 or email – we’d love to help.


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Why Work with us?

We double qualify every single leads, this means every single lead, not some of them.

And we qualify a lead by speaking directly to the customer, to verify their requirement in more detail.

We do not send text messages or use automated dialling with computer algorithm generated questions to mimic a leads authenticity.

Do you provide Floor Sanding Services? 

Are you a reliable and trustworthy Floor Sander looking to generate more work for your business?

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Areas We Cover.
We currently have operate in the following areas. If you cover any of the areas listed below.

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